Young Person's Gudie

This page has been especially designed with the young people at Howard House to help you settle in as easily and smoothly as possible.

It will hopefully give you information you need about Howard House, other young people and a range of issues relating to Howard House.

What is our purpose?

We're here to offer you a safe caring home in which to live in a safe environment.

You might be here long or short term, depending on your circumstances, but while you are here we will offer you;

  • Support

  • Help

  • Advice

  • Care

  • Encouragement

  • Education

  • Medical Attention

Above all we want you to be happy at Howard House care home.

The Staff & Your Keyworker

There are 12 care staff here that are able to listen to you at any time that you feel you need to. There are at least 3 members of staff on duty at all times.


The job of our staff members is to help make sure you live in a safe environment. They will listen to your problems and support you during your stay. 

Daily notes will be taken for things like, doing your laundry,, keeping your room clean and general behaviour. Staff also organise indoor and outdoor activities such as go-karting, quad biking, and fun fairs. 

Once you have settled in at Howard House you will be allocated a keyworker. Your keyworker is somebody just for you, somebody you can get along with and work with you on an individual basis.

Your keyworker can give you support and guidance n various things such as education, your likes and dislikes, and anything else you would like to talk about such as concerns in or around the home. 

Your keyworker will write reports, weekly summaries and be present in your Care Team Meetings as well as complete One to One sessions with you. 

Although your keyworker is there for you, remember there are other members of staff here to help you as well.

Fire Arrangements, Health & Safety

Staff have a responsibility to make sure that regulations are followed and that the care home is clean, tidy and hygienic. Young people also have a responsibility to help keep themselves safe and to help with keeping the care home in a good state to live in. Equally important are fire precautions. A test of the fire alarm equipment takes place every week and fire drills are held regularly.


All staff members have been taught what to do in the event of a fire. It is important that if there is a fire, the young people do what they are asked by the staff. If there was a fire you carefully make your way down to the green sign with "fire assembly point" written on it, you make you way written on it, you make your way down stand there until a member of staff tell you it is sage to go back into the building. 



If you are in mainstream school, then you will be expected to attend everyday (unless you are unwell). You will be encouraged to do your homework - we can provide you with a quiet area, staff to help and all the relevant equipment; computer, pens, pencils, paper and calculator etc.

If you do not attend mainstream school, then all young people will attend school on site at Howard House. 

Activities & Leisure Time

At Howard House we have an average of 6 hours' leisure time a day - we will help you to fill those hours by offering you the use of computers, with internet access (supervised), printers and scanners, PlayStation, pool table, Sky TV, CD Players, Board Games, cookery lesson. In the grounds we also have a five-a-side football pitch, badminton area and lots of areas to run around in.

Pocket Money

To receive your pocket money there will be things put in place for instants open your curtains every morning, make your bed, tidy your room and do your washing. How much Money you get depends on your age.

10 Years


16 Years


11 Years

12 Year



17+ Years


13 Years


14 Years


15 Years


Don't forget, you can also receive an extra incentive put in place for doing positive things. 

If you complete four weeks in a row without;

  • no sanctions

  • no loss of weekly incentive

  • or no abuse to staff or anyone else

then you will receive £20.00 extra on top of your incentive and pocket money this can be spent on anything you like except from cigaretts or alcohol. We're not killjoys, but are concerned about your health.


Clothing Allowance

Once you arrive at Howard House care home we will make sure that you have enough clothes.

Every Friday you will receive £15.00 clothing allowance; you can save up this money each week to buy a new pair of trainers or some new clothes.


If you think you have enough clothing allowance to buy a new track suit or some trainers don't be afraid to request your clothing.

Young People's Meetings

These meetings are usually held about once a month or more. It is your chance to have your say on what you think we could do better to make you feel more comfortable and feel at home.

You can talk about anything it doesn't all have to be bad. If you are not happy with the meals that are put out, you could ask for a certain meal on a certain day that you would like. You can suggest trips out to places such as flamingo land, black pool, or you could even suggest a different colour for your room.

Going Missing

You'll always be welcome back!


Sometimes you might go missing. You might have a good reason, but not always. If you go missing the staff have strict rules that they must follow. The police are contacted and your details are sent to all the relevant people i.e. Social Worker and sometimes your parents. 

when you return or are found this information is passed on to those involved as soon as possible. We will want to find out from you the reason(s) why you went missing. We always want to help you and hopefully prevent you going missing again.

Dr, Dentist & Opticians

All young people living at Howard House must be registered with a doctor, dentist and optician. You can choose wether you would like to keep the one you have or to change it to a local one we use.

we take an active approach to healthcare and will provide you with all the health education and treatment that you need. 

Usually soon after you have moved into Howard House you will receive a medical - this will help us to give you the right healthcare that you need. If you want to see a doctor, dentist or optician at any time, all you have to do is ask a member of staff to make you an appointment (it's as easy as that). dentist and optician appointments will automatically be every six months for a routine check-up.