Howard House School

Encourage - Achieve - Aspire

Why Howard House School?

We would like to begin by thanking you for taking the time to visit this website and for potentially considering Howard House School to educate your young person. We hope this prospectus gives you a flavor of how the entire team care about the young people we educate and our passion to help them develop as people.


We have both spent a huge amount of time both professionally and personally caring for young people. In 2006 we decided to open Howard House School as we felt the most vulnerable students who had disengaged from their education needed an alternative approach to engaging them once again with their education. Our multi-pronged approach involves two key aspects:


  • Curriculum: a broad balanced curriculum that is personalised and differentiated and allows them to identify their strengths and allows perceived weaknesses to be developed.

  • Personal development: small class sizes that allows young people to feel safe and secure, and one where they can develop their social skills and learn that by working together they can achieve more.

We have recently appointed a Head of School who has worked successfully at numerous schools. Through these significant changes and investments we are convinced Howard House School will continue to improve the life chances of our young people. Our recent OfSTED inspection for our request for material change indicates that these recent changes have already made an impact!

In our role as school Directors we are committed to ensuring standards and expectations remain high. We have established a Management Committee which contains numerous experienced educational professionals.

“Pupils value what the school provides for them and the positive relationships they have with teachers and other staff. When asked what he likes about the school, by the inspector, a pupil replied, ‘What is there not to like?”


​OfSTED inspection March 2019

“Welcome” from the Head of the School

I am very proud to be the Head of Howard House School and I am exceptionally privileged to lead a team of truly dedicated staff who are the lifeblood of this school and who have a genuine pride and commitment to the school. Our heritage guides us, but it is our future that will define us as we look forward and push ourselves to go further and faster than ever before.


There is something very special about Howard House School. We are incredibly proud of our unique students, supportive parents/carers, inspirational staff, our forward thinking Management Committee and our supportive Directors.


We all work together to make Howard House School safe, happy and a fun place to learn that will nurture our students to not just become productive members of their local community but have the ambitions to contribute to the global community.

Amran Suleman

 Head of School

At Howard House School we promote high standards of learning and engagement with the school curriculum. This is at the heart of all we do. We encourage all our children to achieve the best they can across every area of school, from the rich and broad curriculum to the wide range of extra-curricular activities.

I warmly invite you to visit us to see our achievements and experience our aspirations for yourself. Until then, this website is designed to give you an insight into who we are here at Howard House School.

Expect more and achieve more

Every child has the potential to make world a better place. The challenge for any educator is identify their talents and create a platform for them to perfect it. To be able to this at Howard House School it is essential that the learning environment is conducive  - a place where mistakes are not frowned upon, but seen as huge learning opportunities. To be able to create this environment we must have certain expectations. Please find below our minimum expectations:


Our staff are our biggest asset


All of our staff are very experienced in working effectively with vulnerable teenagers who have learning difficulties and/or social and emotional development issues caused by Adverse Childhood Experiences. Our skilled and dedicated staff tailor individual behaviour management strategies to improve students’ trust, self-esteem and confidence.

Our team provides therapeutic opportunities to enable students to unpick and think about their difficult feelings so that they can understand their behaviour and internal conflicts. This enables our young people to develop their ability to build relationships, understand their feelings, manage their own behaviour and eventually become motivated and enthusiastic learners prepared for a successful life beyond school.

The staff receive training in a variety of areas such as the effective use of attachment theory, systemic theory and mental health needs. Staff are also kept up to date with the importance that neuroscience has to play in our understanding of child development.

We pride ourselves in investing in the staff team by providing regular training both internal and external, offering supervision and support. 

Jacqueline Smith

SENCO, English and Mathematics Lead

Amran Suleman

Head of School

Hazel Redford   Designated Safe Guarding Lead

Jack Jessop

Humanities and Personal Development Lead​

Arthur Thompson

Humanities and Science Lead

Abby Bell

English Associate and Enrichment Lead

Michael Chapman

Mathematics Associate and SMSC Lead

Lesley Brind

Literacy and Numeracy Lead and Operations Manager

Our Ambitious Curriculum


At Howard House School, we encourage all students, regardless of their ability, to work hard and reach their full potential by providing them with a challenging curriculum that allows them to stretch themselves.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum individually tailored to young person needs. Where possible this will follow the guidelines of the National Curriculum and we will strive to ensure that the young person works at or towards their appropriate Key Stage. The curriculum has been expanded to deliver differentiated qualification:


  • Mathematics AQA: Entry Level,  Functional Skills Level 1/2 and GCSE Mathematics

  • English AQA: Entry Level, Functional Skills Level 1/2 and GCSE English Language

  • Humanities WJEC: Award, Certificate, Diploma and GCSE Geography

  • Science AQA: Entry Level 1/2/3 and Dual Award Science

  • Personal Development AQA: Entry Level 1/2/3

  • Physical Education (non-assessed): with option for Sports Leaders Award

  • Duke of Edinburgh: opportunity to develop attributes such as resilience, confidence, commitment, drive, self-awareness, empathy, team working and problem-solving.


The aim is further to develop the curriculum by creating an in-house award to encourage further creativity and curiosity – this qualification will involve Cookery, Food Hygiene, Art, and Design and Technology. This curriculum has been created due to job opportunities in the area – Engineering and Hospitality, these subjects are essential and will improve their employability.


The extra-curricular programme at Howard House School has multiple aims; close the cultural gap that many of our students have, support and promote good and improving behaviour, encourage a healthy life style and promote good social skills. The extra-curricular programme also entails a residential trip away from the School – these can take place in the United Kingdom or abroad (where students are encouraged to learn and use the language of the host country).

Every child is a unique individual


During their time at the Howard House School, some students may have additional needs relating to their learning, physical or mental health. We want all students, regardless of any special educational need or disability to experience educational success and to feel that they are a valued member of Howard House School To this end, we recognise and allow for individual differences between students, understanding that:


  • children develop intellectually, emotionally and physically at different rates;

  • children’s needs change with time and circumstances;

  • educational provision must be adapted to keep pace with these changes

Students with Education, Health and Care Plans are given extra support according to their particular circumstances and parents are kept fully informed of such arrangements with regular reviews throughout the academic year. 

Students may receive numeracy or literacy intervention which focuses on developing functional skills using a range of programmes delivered by both teaching staff and support staff. In addition, we work closely with external agencies to ensure we provide the best support for your child.  

Our performance - Data Analysis


Student A joined Howard House School in the middle of his Year 9 education. He joined from Talbot House which is also an Alternative Provision. His attendance three months prior to joining Howard House School was approximately 52%. His attendance during his time at Howard House was 98.5%. His placement failed at Talbot House due to anti-social behaviour, therefore the Local Authority (North Tyneside) approached Howard House School as our provision was recognised as being able to meet his needs. After finishing his education at Howard House School A has moved to Scotland to be closer to his parent and is seeking opportunities to further his education.


Student B joined Howard House School early on in to his Year 10 education. He joined from Thorpe Academy, which is a Mainstream provision. His attendance three months prior to joining Howard House School was approximately 40%. His attendance during his time at Howard House was 95%. He was permanently excluded due dangerous behaviour and violence against other students, therefore the Local Authority (Gateshead) approached Howard House School as our provision was recognised as being able to meet his needs. After finishing his education at Howard House School B has decided to further his studies at Trinity Solutions.


Making a difference


Their attendances three month prior to coming to Howard House School has been as low 0% to a maximum of 65%. The average school attendance at Howard House School for the academic year of 2018-2019 was above 95% (if the figure for one student was taken out – his attendance was 69%, although his attendance at his previous school (a Pupil Referral Unit) was 32%).

Currently the school draws pupils from both Howard House Residential Care Home and from all educational authorities in the North East (Northumberland, Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham).

We’re so pleased with how well (student name removed) did at Howard House School and it is a huge credit to you and the team that you were able to keep him engaged right up until his exams and have succeeded in him enabling him to leave Howard House with some formal qualifications. I am always impressed by your school’s ability to work with and support some of our most complex children and even though you might not always get the appreciation you deserve from the young people, I wanted you to know how much we appreciate all that you and the team do. I hope we get to work together again in the future”

Jane Pickthall

Head of Virtual schools for North Tyneside



The link below will guide to the official OfSTED website that contains all our reports. This also includes our recent OfSTED ‘material change’ report conducted on the 10th September 2019. This positive report confirms our belief we are making progress – and we are determined to continue making improvements:


Our Vision, Ethos & Values


Howard House School aims to encourage intellectual curiosity, critical perception and respect for learning. We strongly encourage individual responsibility, self-esteem and confidence as well as care, concern and respect for others.

"Pupils value what the school provides for them and the positive relationships they have with teachers and other staff. When asked what he likes about the school, by the inspector, a pupil replied, ‘What is there not to like?”

​Ofsted inspection March 2019

We believe it is our duty to promote the development of personal values to help meet the challenges of a complex world and to encourage a commitment to contributing positively to the community and wider society.

“Trust underpins the strong relationships that exist between staff and pupils. The good social skills modelled by staff permeate throughout the school. This helps pupils build their self-esteem and interact positively with others”

Ofsted inspection March 2019

To do this we provide appropriate challenge and accreditation opportunities to develop the personal resources necessary to be happy and successful in a world that can present challenges.

We would like all our students to respect and celebrate the differences between people and to question reasonably but to treat with compassion and understanding the position of others. Our students are encouraged to be flexible thinkers and to become life-long learners.