Our Outcomes

We aim to achieve positive outcomes by:

  • Providing the opportunity for young people to build trusting relationships with a wide and varied range of positive role models

  • Offer a semi-rural therapeutic, psychologically informed environment where young

  • people feel safe and secure and where emotional, physical, social and spiritualneeds can be met.

  • Providing high quality care, placement and therapeutic plans for young people throughout their placement. Young people are encouraged and supported to have an active part in the process through consultation and ensuring their voice is heard.

  • Supporting young people to enable them to understand their emotions and how these

  • are linked to challenging and risky behaviour. In doing this, we can teach them new coping strategies and ways of behaving that will allow them to engage more fully and successfully in society.

  • Promoting positive contact and helping build relationships and attachments between young people, family members and other significant people in their lives in accordance with their needs and wishes as reflected in their care plan.

  • Working in partnership with families, professionals and agencies and promote true multi-agency and multi-disciplinary working to ensure a high standard of care.

We believe we can achieve our positive outcomes by ensuring our entire staffing team believe and are committed to our core ethos and values. 

Ethos & Approaches

Views, Wishes & Feelings

Enjoyment & Achievement

Positive Relationships